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Cycling route from Brussels to Geraardsbergen

45 kms / elevation gain & loss: 230m / smooth tarmac / quiet roads and cycle paths

This is an easy peasy lemon squeeze ride. Ideal for beginners that want to push themselves slightly. The route is fairly flat, the elevation gain is mostly at the beginning, to get out of Brussels. The surfaces are in very good condition and there are plenty of cycling paths, this is Flanders baby !

The route is easy to follow, once out of Brussels it basically goes along the train tracks of the Brussels-Gent line for about 20k, until it intersects with the Dender river, which runs all the way to the city of Geraardsbergen. The Dender is the prettiest part of the trip.

The outskirts of Denderleeuw, where the train line intersects with the river Dender

Geraardsbergen is well known in the world of cycling by "The Wall": a very steep cobble stone road that makes you sweat, it climbs about 90 m in 1k. But that's not the topic of this ride, we didn't even bother to go have a look at the climb, we were too busy drinking beers at the main square.

Cycling back ? oh no ! let's leave that to the Strava guys. We put our proud beer bellies on a train and just chill our way back to Brussels.

Cheers !

Brussels to Geraardsbergen
Download GPX • 113KB

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