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Csepel Royal Frisco

2019 / 20" only size / Drivetrain: Sturmey Archer 3 speeds / caliper rim brakes

Where does this bike come from ?

Csepel is a Hungarian bicycle manufacturer with a quite wide range models, mostly on the traditional side, this model though comes as a refreshing urban solution, cool and stylish. This bicycle it's been pimped up by a local Bruxellois, bicycle mechanic and master of bicycle customization: Xavier N.

What are the pros and cons ?

Pros first: Space is a luxury in most big cities, this bicycle can be easily put in the metro, in a lift, in an appartement, in a hallway, etc. Thanks to the small size wheels and the compact frame, the bicycle feels very reactive, ideal for dynamic urban rides, quick turns and easy flowing in narrow settings.

The cons: Like all small size wheel bicycles the "rolling" is not as efficient as on larger diameter wheels, meaning it takes more energy to get to higher speed and it's harder to do long distances. A small bike can feel less comfortable and less stable than a normal size.

Sturmey Archer

The bicycle comes with a flip-flop rear wheel to use as a single speed or fixed gear. In this case the bike it's been re-built with a Sturmey Archer 3 speeds hub to improve performance and versatility. The hub it's been painted pink to match the look of its stylish owner.


Feb 28, 2021

Gonna buy this bike this week and I was also wondering if i could put a sturmey archer! can we have the details on which exact hub he used?


ps.: awesome page!

Francisco Figueroa
Francisco Figueroa
Mar 01, 2021
Replying to

Hello Alex, I asked my friend but he doesn't remember exactly which hub he used but he does remember that he had to change the axle because the O.L.D (over locknut dimension) wasn't compatible with the frame. What I recommend you to do is to get the frame and measure de O.L.D. (it should be around 120mm) and then get the right model (you have about 3mm tolerance) On Sturmey Archer website you will find all models and their O.L.Ds. You can always change the axle on a hub, like my friend did, but that can be a bit technical. Good luck !

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