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Cycling through water + 70k loop in Limburg - Belgium

70 k / no significant elevation / 50% gravel / 30% quite roads or RAVEL's / 15% cycle paths in residential areas / 5% not-technical MTB sections

GPX file and interactive map below

This is a 70 kilometers cycling route in the beautiful Belgian province of Limburg. This region is known for being one of the most bike friendly places in Belgium and the greenest of the flemish provinces. The highlight of this loop ride is a cycling attraction called « Cycling Through Water » which is a cycling path that crosses a pond but it goes below the level of the water, a very unique experience! The surrounding are very beautiful and the experience itself really cool. I strongly recommend you though to get there early, I arrived at 9am and it was nice and quiet, only a couple of people crossing from time to time. By 10am it was quite busy so the experience becomes less attractive.

Cycling Through Water

After « Cycling Through Water » there is a section of 20k that’s probably the nicest of this loop ride, it’s a mix of cycling paths through forested areas, some of them on sandy soil and open spaces with high grass. The cycling paths are sometimes tarmac and sometimes very fun to ride gravel.

First half of the route

The second half of the ride is a mix of some residential areas, some beautiful small forests and ponds… a lot of them. Another highlight of this route is the watch tower that looks over the Wijers Natural Reserve. This is a quite fascinating place with so many ponds ! there are many hikes that can be done in this area.

Second half of the route

Some practical information: There are direct trains from Brussels to Hasselt, the capital of the Limburg province. The train takes about un hour an a half. The route is a loop starting and finishing at Hasselt. The terrain is mixed being about 60% asphalt and 40% gravel. The total elevation of this ride is about 330mt.

Back in Hasselt

Download GPX • 188KB


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