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Cycling from Lake Gileppe to the High Fens

Belgium / 36 kms (return) / 380 mts of elevation / 50% tarmac 50% gravel

Riding around Lake Gileppe

Lake Gileppe is a popular local touristic attraction, there is a well maintained road that goes around the north-east edge of the lake offering multiple view points. There is a large parking lot and It is a popular spot for starting hikes and rides.

I've been around the "lac de la Gileppe" a few times before, summer and winter. It's been always beautiful but be aware that, specially close to the parking lot where this ride starts, it can get quite crowded, but as you ride farder is gets more quite. In winter though the whole route is very quiet.

From lake Gileppe to the High Fens

The road from the lake to the high fens is 7% uphill which is not a lot, it climbs about 220 mts on 5 and a half kilometers, before it gets to the Fens area which is flatter. It's a beautiful place for cycling surrounded by trees, the road is well maintained. In winter, as you gain altitude you'll see the landscape go from green to white, it's a very charming scenery.

Winter is better

The High Fens in winter can give the impression of being in a very remote place. Having lived most of my life beside the Andes in Chili I find it difficult to get a feeling of isolation in this part of Europe, and even-though the High Fens is not any far from civilisation in winter it can really give you this amazing feeling of remotness, connection with nature, peace and calm.

If you live in the area this ride is very accessible by car. If you are coming from the Belgian capital both car and train are possible and fairly straight forward, train to Eupen from Brussels is direct, that would add between 15 and 20 kms to your adventure.

Gileppe lake to High Fens
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