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Ghent to Brussels

114 kms / 370 mts of elevation / Mostly tarmac

Do not do this ride

Unless... you want to ride a lot of kilometers, on smooth bicycle lanes, on extremely easy-to-follow routes and a landscape that doesn't change much. Maybe this ride is more suitable for sporty riders that want to stretch the legs and get a good rhythm, cardio like. It's good training when the river and the canal get windy.

The ride starts at Ghent's train station, in the way out the urban area there are some nice section but some others, like the part by the motorway, can be a bit boring although not for too long. Here, some of the interesting views.

By the river Scheldt is nice and smooth

Once out of the urban area of Ghent the ride follows the Scheldt, there are nice bicycle lanes and a good number of road cyclists and commuters.

A very steep hardcore climb

Just kidding, the ride is as flat as a pancake. Almost half the way between Gent and Antwerp there is a section where it is not possible to follow the big canal, this "inland" part of the route has very interesting views of some churches, nice vegetation and a handsome old bridge.

Sometimes it gets windy and you just want to get home

Before getting into the outskirts of Antwerp the route turns right, towards Brussels, following the canal that links Antwerp and Brussels. Sometimes the canal gets very windy and you wonder why the fork you didn't stay home watching Netflix.

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