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Kona Rove ST

2020 / Size 50 / Sram Apex 1x11 / TRP Spyre cable pulled disc brakes

The new breed

It hasn't been that long since this relatively new breed of gravel bicycles made their way to the European mainstream market. They have great success and I think the reason is linked to their versatility: multi-position drop bars, multi-surface tires, all necessary mounts and a balanced geometry.

Marie is the happy owner of this nice Kona ST 2020 and she was keen to share a few impressions with us.

What made you choose this bicycle ?

I was mostly looking for versatility, I'm not into having multiple bicycles (don't have enough room either) so I was looking for a do-it-all bike. I wanted a comfortable commuter, a bike to ride on gravel roads in the fields or the forest, a bike that was ready to be equipped with a front and/or rear rack, a potential tourer and something quite fast to do some sporty kilometers. Ah! Almost forgot, it also had to be pretty!

Does the bike do the job ?

Yeah it does, I find it compromises really well. It feels relatively light and fast but strong and well equipped at the same time. And aesthetics wise... I love that deep purple color!

I use it almost every day for commuting, over cobblestones it's very comfortable. It's also fast and has a good handling for sharp corners and kerbs, good for busy city cycling. The bike also behaves very well when light touring, for weekend trips with not too much weight, which is perfect for what I do. But without a question, the ideal environment for this bike is gravel roads, with a rather light setup the bike feels real fast and fun.

Many people here in Brussels prefer to commute on ugly, inexpensive bikes that don't attract attention... what do you think ?

Yes, some people keep their most precious bicycles at home to avoid wear and theft. I personally choose to take a bit of risk and be able to enjoy my bike on a daily basis, it would seem to me like a waste otherwise. However, I always try to park my bike in a safe place with a strong lock, and I also got an insurance, just in case. 

Thanks to Marie for sharing her thoughts on this cool bicycle and don't forget to check the Kona Sutra LTD and the Surly Disc Trucker reviews.


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