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Mercier classic race bike

Circa 1975 / Size 56 / 3x6 gears Simplex rear derailleur / Mafac Competition brakes

Mercier and the race team

Mercier is a classic French bicycle manufacturer that started building frames and assembling race bikes in the 30's. In 1933, they created the professional cycling race team Mercier, which reached fame and glory in the 60's. The very well known cyclist Raymond Poulidor rode for Mercier his entire racing career.

Mercier bikes are a classic example of french race bikes from the 60's and the 70's.

MAFAC Competition

Mafac was a french manufacturer of bicycle brakes and tool kits. This Mercier bike features one of the best known MAFAC brake models: Competition. It's a double pivot center pull brake in a golden version.

SIMPLEX Derailleur

SIMPLEX was the first derailleur to integrate a parallelogram hinged frame to achieve the movement from cog to cog. This was the base for the modern derailleur. It was invented in 1929 by the french industrialist Lucien Juy.

Thanks to Julian who was keen to share his eye catching bicycle on Bicycle Picnic ! It is certainly a beautiful classic with refreshing colors and amazing details. Do you like classic bikes ? Check this Motobecane Club from the 80's re-equipped with a Sturmey Archer 3 speeds. And signup for the Newsletter to stay in touch !


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