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Motobécane Club

Circa 1980 / Size 57 / Sturmey Archer 3 speeds internal hub / Caliper rim brakes

From classique "randonneur"...

Motobecane was a french manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles established in 1923 and that went bankrupt in 1981. In french slang "bécane" means bicycle. This frame model is from about the end of Motobecane productions and it was designed as a "randonneur" with the geometry of a classic road bike, regular "race" drop-bars but clearance for wider 32mm tires plus fenders and all the necessary attachments for a rear rack. It was meant for trips, but with a rather sporty geometry. urban commuter.

Today this bicycle serves as a commuter in a city where it's often better to keep a low profile, due to theft. The challenge is to have a bicycle that you like... love, but that is neither crazy expensive nor too flashy.

Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and more

This bicycle was originally equipped with a front and rear derailleur (2x5) but derailleurs wear with time. The strategical decision here was to keep it minimal, 3 internal hub gears and a little bit of effort on the hills. No need for more.

For the rest, a couple of Michelin Dynamics classic 28mm, original chromed fenders, a weathered leather saddle, flat bars for maximal control and a front basket.     


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