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Surly Karate Monkey

2018 / Steel frame size L / Sram NX 1x11 / Formula Cura hydraulic disc brakes

Versatility in mind

Surly Karate Monkey is, above all, a versatile all terrain bike. Thanks to its suspension corrected frame geometry, It can be set up as a "conventional" hardtail mountain bike with a front suspension, or instead it can be set up as a "bike-packer" all rigid off road bike, it has all the necessary mounts for that purpose.

Clearance & setup

Needless to say, Surly Karate Monkey has plenty of clearance for all off road endeavors, on a "twentyniner" set up it clears up to 29"x2.5", and on 27.5 it goes up to 3".

This particular set up is unusual because it has a front suspension (for MTB) but with gravel, sleek, light tires. It is actually a bicycle that's momentarily used in the city of Brussels, which has many cobble stones, tram tracks and very irregular bike-lanes. So this setup actually makes for a comfortable ride.

Thanks to Xavier for sharing this beautiful bike. Do you like Surly bikes ? check this Surly Disc Trucker review


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