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Eupen to Eifel and Monschau

127 kms / 2324 mts of elevation / Gravel and tarmac

Loose your virginity now !

My dear friend, this is the perfect first-time bicycle trip. Make it simple: 2 days, any decent bicycle (except race bikes), one or more friends, a small bag, one night booking (Eifel or Monschau), repair kit, suncream, toothbrush, german dictionary and off you go!

The ride starts at Eupen, a Belgian city in the german speaking side of the country. This loop was ridden clockwise but it could be done the other way as well. It heads east getting quickly into the forests that surround this picturesque city.

Four lakes !?

The cycling route borders four lakes in total (lake=Dam) the first one is the Lake Eupen. The route goes through a vast forest area before getting into german territory and heading for the second lake of the route.

Bunkers that I couldn't find

Once on the german side, the route crosses some more forests, fields and borders the second lake of the day: The Kalltalsperre. A few kilometers after this small lake the path gets a tiny bit hard to follow, I think I did a few meters by foot. Anyhow, in this area there are hidden bunkers from de WWII, but I couldn't see them, let me know if you find them! After a mild uphill you will see some wind turbines and cows. After that, the big and beautiful descent towards the Eifel lake begins.

Eifel Lake

The ride goes around the Eifel lake for a few kilometers, on a very pleasant light gravel and without changes in altitude. This section offers nice views of the lake. The perfect place to swim :D or to get a puncture :(

You should spend the night somewhere around here

After surrounding the lake the route starts heading back west towards the beautiful town of Monschau/Montjoie still in Germany. At this point you will be tired so it would be the perfect moment to finish the first day. The lake Eifel and Monschau are both touristic places, in this area you'll find hotels, hostels and campings. Book in advance !

The Hautes Fagnes and The Gileppe's lake

For a great ending, the ride borders the Haut Fagnes, back in Belgium, and finally heads towards the Lac de la Gileppe, the forth lake of the trip. A few more kilometers and you'll be back in Eupen, so take your time, enjoy.

Getting there by train ?

Logistics are easy. Eupen has a train station with regular direct trains to Brussels. It is allowed to carry your bicycle but the cars are not always equipped for it, it is recommended to board either the first or the last wagon of the train where there is always less people. 

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