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Via Rhône: Cycling route along the Rhône river

700 kms of cycling paths along the river / from Geneva to the French Mediterranean

The Via Rhône

The Via Rhône is a cycling route created to enjoy a variety of landscapes from the Alps all the way down to the mediterranean. It starts at lake Lémans, it goes through the city of Geneva before heading southwest towards Lyon. From Lyon the cycling paths follow the river South passing through cities like Valencia, Montelimar et Avignon. After Avignon the route continues running along the river towards the mediterranean to finish at Plage Napoleon 80 kms west of Marseille.

Via Rhône
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Disclaimer: We didn't do the hole thing

Although we would love to. During our holydays we were staying in the beautiful region of Ardeches, just west from the banks of the river Rhône. We cycled the section of the Via Rhône that borders The Ardeches, 85 kms from Valence to Pierrelatte.

Francisco eating his sandwich / Suzanne takes a break while cycle-tourers pass by

Mostly chill and nice ride

Paths are in good condition and we consider it very easy, family friendly I would say. It's also very easy to follow so in all ways this is a route to relax. On top of all that, bicycle friendly trains runs along the route almost the hole way, peace of mind.

Views are nice yet nothing spectacular, at least in the section we did. There are uncountable nice bridges to be crossed, one nuclear plant, medieval towns on the top of the surrounding hills, interesting buildings and constructions, fields and quiet country side.

Some of the bridges we crossed between Valence and Pierrelate

Cruas Nuclear Power Plant

Random stuff

Not water all the time

Sometimes riding all the time beside a river can be a bit monotonous. Probably for that reason they made the route diverge from the river from time to time, this is very nice as it allows changes in the landscape, from fields to countryside roads and paths.

If you are seriously interested in doing this route I recommend to check the official website where you'll find much more detailed information about all the stages. This blog post was only a teaser :D

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