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Zjerome's Kona Sutra LTD 2021

And Leica's comfortable front basket !

Zjerome is a professional photographer and a bicycle passionate. He's based in Flanders, Belgium. I discovered his photos on Instagram and I really liked them, specially the photos of his golden Kona Sutra LTD 2021. We spent a nice evening talking about photography and bikes with the sweet company of Leica.

Zjerome the photographer and his passion for bikes

What bike or bikes were you using before the Sutra LTD ?

Countless ! I've had many bicycles, mainly retro such as Flandria or Eddy merckx (two iconic Belgian vintage bicycle brands) for the last few years I've been riding only fixed gear bikes, until now that I bought the Sutra LTD.

Why the change ?

I actually bought this bike for multiple purposes, just ride it daily but also for when I want to go off the path or enjoy a trip through the forest. It also allows me to discover new spots for taking photos. The Sutra is versatile, I enjoy that freedom.

What about the fit ?

The bike fits me pretty well, I wouldn’t change anything about it. The bike is a 58 and I'm 1,86m tall. The saddle and the handlebars are comfortable and fit me fine as well.

Any changes you would like to do in the future ?

I would like to get a set of summer wheels with sleek tires, to do more fast road rides. Also, sometimes I would like to be able to put more bags on the bike so I can use it also to go to the supermarket, or go on a weekend trip. Finally, a more fancy handlebar tape would be cool too.

How is the handling with the front rack and basket ? How does Leica like going on the basket ?

The handling of the bike with the front basket is very good, same if Leica is on it. She loves being at the front we ride together, even when I go fast ! We go for rides very often, sometimes to the forest to relax and enjoy nature, sometimes for a coffee at one of my favorite coffee bars. Leica always wants to join.

Thanks to Zjerome and Leica for sharing a little bit of their bike life. Also, thanks for taking me to this beautiful setup in Bruges, perfect for taking photos at the "golden hour". Zjerome is constantly working on new photography projects: bikes, cars, models, events, etc... check his Instagram here !

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